Payment Information

Choose any of these options to make your payment at inlingua Vancouver in Canada.

Direct payments to inlingua can be made in 5 possible ways, always in Canadian dollars:

  • Wire Transfer is the best option for Agents or Students located overseas
  • Cheque in Canadian dollars is the best option for Agents located in Vancouver or with offices in Canada
  • Credit Card is a good option, but there is a 4% fee. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted
  • Traveler's Checks is a good and safe option when students want to pay part of their balance directly to inlingua after arrival
  • Payment in Cash is possible when payment is made directly by the Agent or the Student at the school. Please do not send any cash by mail.

Remember you can pay one of our Agents or Representatives in your city or area or on the internet. The agent will then send us your payment. You can pay inlingua Vancouver directly, but please coordinate and inform our agent of your payment. If you choose to pay directly to inlingua Vancouver, also see the instructions below.

Learn about inlingua Vancouver refund policies.


For payment by Wire Transfer, please follow the instructions on your invoice, after you have sent us your application form. 

If you need to send us a wire transfer in US Dollars, please let us know and we will inform the specific bank account for this type of transfer.


For payment with Cheques please write them to the order of inlingua Vancouver and send them to our school address. Only cheques made out in Canadian dollars issued by a Canadian bank are acceptable. Please mail them to our address:

inlingua Vancouver
#300-150 Water Street
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1B2


After receiving our invoice, please inform us if you want to process your payment by credit card. We will send you an Authorization form by email with complete instructions. 

We will charge 4% on the total amount of the invoice as Credit Card Fees. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.


For payment with Traveler's Cheques please bring with you the Traveler's Checks to Canada, but make sure your local bank issues them in Canadian dollars.


For Cash payment please note that inlingua accept payments in Cash if done directly by the Agent or the Student. Please do not mail any cash. We only accept Canadian Dollars.

Please contact us for additional information.